Minimum Viable Products(MVPs) as Humans

I had a moment of epiphany while taking a late evening shower thinking of the various products I was working on. It might have been further stimulated by some excess food I ate today, but still, enjoy.

MVP Paradox Credits: Hackernoon

An MVP can be perceived as a newborn baby which has been birthed into the world. Some MVPs come with Angel investors who have already put down their cash even before they see what the baby looks like. Right from the moment they observe the heartbeat of the fetus and contractions of the mother’s uterus, they are already sold on the product. People who get this type of product birth opportunity are usually;

  • entrepreneurs with a proven track record: the investors think, hey this guy has raised a kid(company) successfully before, we believe his semen is really viable and would almost always produce good kids(companies) so what’s the worst that could happen?
  • con men: these guys can sweet-talk deadmen back to life. Even without a product and track record, they promise the investors heaven and earth just so the money can be dropped. It’s pretty easy to know what the result of a kid raised by a con-man will be. You can take wild guesses yourself.
  • people who are just plain lucky: these guys are just lucky like Domino (Zazie Beetz) in Deadpool 2 who everything just kinda works out for as she goes along on the journey (sorry if you can’t relate).
Domino Credits:

They keep escaping one death trap after another without doing anything spectacular in their own capacity to survive it. They find a nice guy that just probably likes what he heard from the Electronic Fetal Monitoring (EFM) Machine(I think that’s the name) or just likes their drive or probably just their faces(if that is possible) and he is sold. He lands the cash in their hands and the game is on.

These three categories of guys ‘almost always’ think money will solve their problems. So when any problem arises, they are busying pumping money into it and yeah money has its effects on the short run but then they end up raising spoilt kids on the long run.

Also, some of these guys are connected so their solutions can be more easily accepted by their network (or at least sometimes) even if its shit. Just like when the CEO's kid comes to work in the company. No matter how much they suck, they still get a job in the company with very generous remunerations too.

Then there are these guys called “Folorunsho” (one protected by God) in Yoruba. They go through 9 months of pregnancy (product development) with no assurance that their babies will have the resources to survive in the outside world. These guys are actually pretty interesting because they have so much faith that the community will like their baby enough to help them train and nurture their baby to grow strong and healthy. So they introduce their babies into the world and as you know mortality rates are usually high for infants so there is no doubt a whole lot of their/these kids actually die and only a few truly survive.

These folks become heavily dependent on customer feedback because that is where they draw their life source from. The ones that neglect the feedback die. Simple.

Lean Startup by Eric Ries becomes their Bible, they read it till it tears into two.

This in itself is the real hustle as there is no money to waste, the drawing board is where they always sit to draw and redraw plans when the previous ones failed. It like the saying that it takes a whole village to raise a child. So one day Jane (let’s assume that is the name of their kid/product) is growing and the community thinks hey;

  • Jane needs shoes and the idea or literal shoes are donated.
  • Jane needs to wear her shoes properly and a community member does the training.
  • Jane needs to learn proper table manners, again a community member does the needful.
  • Jane needs this and Jane needs, community members keep doing the needful until Jane is a fully grown young lady being courted by guys in all directions.

Jane becomes the pride of the community as it was a joint effort to make Jane who she is. Everybody takes pride in her and talks about her. People now refer their friends to Jane for a chat because they were part of the development process. Now, this is a customer-centric development process and one which I strive to imbibe and live by as I work on being a maker.

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